quarta-feira, dezembro 01, 2004

An' the cats they gigged in there

In the middle of that hub
I remember one jazz club
Where we went to pat feet
Down on fifty-secon’ street

Everybody heard that word
That they named it after bird
Where the rhythm swooped and swirled
The jazz corner of the world

An’ the cats they gigged in there
Were beyond compare

Birdland - I’m singin’ birdland
Birdland - ol’ swingin’ birdland

Everybody dug that beat
Everybody stomped their feet
Everybody digs be-bop
An’ they’ll never stop

Bird would cook, max would look - yeah,
Down in birdland
Miles came through, ’trane came too - yeah!
Down in birdland
Basie blew, blakey too - yeah!
Down in birdland
All y’ gotta do is lend an ear
An’ listen to it
Then y’ dig a little sooner than soon
You’ll be diggin’ everything diggin’ all the music

What a ball!
(Birdland, Joe Zawinul & Jon Hendricks)

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