sexta-feira, janeiro 28, 2005

Hard to Resist

Já foram quatro vezes ao vivo. Este ano, espera-se, há mais.

The ways of the world have finally got to guitarist Pat Metheny. The Way Up is his warning about the dangers of dumb and a protest at how, in his words, 'everything is getting shorter, smaller, less ambitious, less detailed and less nuanced, and how the world is crumbling in its aesthetic ambitions.'

His answer: a CD that comprises one piece of music that lasts 68 minutes and 25 seconds. It's one of those noble, futile gestures that makes you want to ring and thank him personally. But even he knows, surely, that you're not going to 'get' this until you've heard it about five or six times, which, in a culture that happily decides whether or not to download a 10-minute album track from iTunes on the basis of a 30-second audition, may be asking a bit much.

(Stuart Nicholson, The Observer)
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