terça-feira, setembro 13, 2005

Considerações religiosas, mas sem pregos - II

A série Back of The Bible do Jay Pinkerton (ninguém com um sentido de humor digno desse nome deve ficar longe deste site, ainda por cima é de borla).


«Once you wade past the shallow end of the New Testament into the back half of the Old Testament, get ready: it turns out God's a fucking lunatic, and He loves the taste of your blood. Old Testament God ain't letting Himself get nailed to any crosses like some pussy; OT God wouldn't spit on your balls if they were on fire. If He covers your eyes with boils to win a bet with Satan, consider yourself lucky He didn't turn your city into a mushroom cloud for not praying to Him enough. Even a cursory reading of the Old Testament leaves only one conclusion: God is a total hardass, and if you step out of line He will most likely drop you in the time it takes most people to open a door.»

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