terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2006

Há outra vida para lá de blogues obcecados com o liberalismo ou a Scarlett Johanssen

Já sairam os nomeados dos Bloggies, tanta coisa para ler, tão pouco tempo:

The Londonist:

«There's no way to break this gently:
There's a whale in the Thames.
Go take photos now.»

Girl with a one-track mind:

«‘So tell me’ I whispered conspiratorially to my friend F, ‘was there a big change in your sex drive?’
F lifted her glass and took a large gulp of wine. ‘Yes. Massive.’ She grinned at me.
‘Better, worse – what?!’
‘Well, put it this way, we were fucking right up to me being in labour.’»

Drew Curtis' FARK.com

«US outsourced torture, proving once again that all the really good jobs are going overseas»

You Can't Make It Up

«Hence - I need a strategy stat. If I'm gonna take this prize (which I believe is about $20, or roughly 3 Armenian handjobs), I need to devise a way to get people's attention and make them want to vote for me. And then it hit me. Play the Underdog Card»
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