sexta-feira, maio 05, 2006

Achtung Music

É que vem aí o fim-de-semana e só me ocorre dizer isto:

5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8

All these beats
walkin' down the street
jumping, jacking
gimme some time
'cause if you don't, I won't
you'll never get back, yeah
if you do, I swear
I'll give it to you

standing on the board
the board is on the wheels
wheels are on the ground
spinning round and round

I got the power
back here
all you gotta do
i got the power
back here
gimme some time

i got here, where?
i got there, where?
i got it
you got it
we got it everywhere

get all your loser heads up
try to pick up the junk


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