terça-feira, setembro 26, 2006

The Police

Excerto da autobiografia do Sting - Broken Music (2003) - sobre o momento que precede a primeira vez que toca com o baterista Stewart Copeland, numa casa apalaçada em Mayfair, London W1, 1977. Enquanto Sting tentava a sorte com bandas de jazz, fusão e um filho recém-nascido, Copeland queria apanhar a energia da onda Punk da altura, que sabia ser a única forma de entrar em força no mundo musical.

Esta seria a génese dos The Police, ou os Pólice (como insistem em dizer certas pessoas):

«Even at this very early moment of our relationship, it is clear that there is something going on, some chemistry, some understanding, some recognition, a rapport and a tension between the amphetamine pulse of his kick drum and the shifting, rolling sound of the bass.

It is like two dancers finding a sudden and unexpected harmony in the glide of their steps, or the sexual rhythms of natural lovers, or the synchronized strokes of a rowing team in the flow of a fast river. Such rapport is not common, and I realize very quickly that this guy is the most exciting drummer I've ever worked with, almost too exciting.


But I don't want to sing tuneless, disaffected rants. I sing tender love songs. This is what I'm good at. But I also realize that there's an opportunity in the chaos, and that I am perfectly able to morph, adapting what I do to suit the current climate without necessarily compromising the integrity of my songs. I can establish some sort of position, some kind of defensible space, and when the dust has settled, run my true colours up the mast.»

[Sting, Broken Music]

A tocar, um excelente exemplo da energia singular dos The Police e uma tentativa sincera do Sting de transformar uma «tender love song» num tema punk.
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