sexta-feira, junho 15, 2007

Há quem lhes chame 'livros de divulgação científica'

"Virtually all novels and plays are about the same subject, even when disguised as history or adventure. If you want to understand human motives read Proust, or Trollope, or Tom Wolfe, not Freud or Piaget or Skinner. We are obsessed with others' minds. 'Our intuitive commonsense psychology far surpasses any scientific psychology in scope and accuracy,' wrote Don Symons. Horace Barlow points out that great literary minds are, almost by definition, great mindreading minds. Shakespeare was a far better psychologist than Freud, and Jane Austen a far better sociologist than Durkheim. We are clever because we are - and to the extent that we are - natural psychologists."

in The Red Queen - Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, Matt Ridley
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